De Coca Cola Signature Mixers

The Coca Cola Signature Mixers 

Coca Cola presents us a signature collection of mixers, containing 4 different tastes; Woody, Smoky, Herbal and Spicy. Developed in collaboration with bartenders all over the world, with more than 200 different ingredients. Goal was to develop a signature mixer that combines well with all dark spirits.

Unique in choice was the Hutchinson bottles that whe're selected, a bottle that our mind links immediatly to soda's.

Smoky :
The first expression was created by worlds first 'salt sommelier' and owner of Bar Three and Three Sheet in London, Mr. Max Venning. The basics of this expression was warm herbs, Perubalm and Ambrette, who's flavors are being tempered by hints of dried fruit. The intens aromas of oak make it an excellent mixer to use with a premium whisky or a herbal gin.

Spicy :
Created by 2 lovely ladies from Barcelona and London, Ms. Adriana Chia and Ms. Pippa Guy. As the name says you should suspect a feisty drink as it contains Jalapeño pepper, ginger, rosemary and jasmin. It paires wonderfull with a spicy or sweet whisky such as bourbon or a Tequila añejo or reposado. Also a spiced rum could be lifted with this mixer.

Herbal :
Created by Antonio Naranjo from Cuba. A fresh and fuity mix with notes of lemongrass and earthy notes from dilleseed. The base is a fresh floral mix. Best to be used with an amber coloured whisky or rum, even a fine cognac can be used.

Woody :
The last version was created by Alex Lawrence and contains a mix of Yuzu, aromatic basil and patchouli. Light and refreshing in taste and perfect to mix with tropical tastes such as a goldcoloured rum or a peaty Scotch., Hasseltsestraat 30, 3740 - Bilzen, Limburg - Belgium, Tel : +32 473 74 52 95,


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