When rum is brought to you for a reasonable price

Let’s present the newest and also second release in the Black Label Posh Collection from The Rum Mercenary by Jurgen Vromans, an independant bottler from Belgium. Uitvlugt 21 Years Old (1997 - 2019) was bottled just this monday the 1ste of April and luckily it wasn’t an aprils fool joke!  

Jurgen’s mission is to reach and present the thrue rum lover with single casks rums as the distillers intended them, straight and full of flavour. This rum from the Uitvlugt Distillery in the Demerara regio of Guyana has been closed since 2000, in the meantime it was demolished as well. All the stills and old casks where moved to the Diamond Distillery, the sole working distillery in Guyana today. This expression was distilled in 1997 in the old Port Mourant wooden pot still so in the bottle you can taste the long lost history of the Dutch owned Uitvlugt Distillery. A wonderfull expression in the nose with hints of ripe banana, tropical fruit and wood, even a hint of smoke touches your nostral wings. And then you sip and leave the spirit linger a bit on the palate to feel an explosion of flavours, from ripe tropical fruit over the typical demerara sugars, wood, slightly a touch of cinnamon, citrus fruit as lime and lemon pass over a touch of charcoal to a lingering pleasant and long aftertaste that make’s you feel like the luckiest man in the world.

And then let’s talk some $, not only is the mission to offer a super premium spirit but also to make it still affordable and I can swear that both missions are obtained. This Uitvlugt is on the Belgian and Dutch market for € 119,00 (approx $ 134,00) which makes it compared to releases from other bottlers very reasanoble in price. Why is this? So it won’t hurt to open the bottle and drink it rather than collecting it because that’s why spirits are made, to enjoy the craftsmanship !

If I had to give a personal score for this beauty as a rum lover and as I may say connaisseur, I would give this a score of 91/100. If you should ever get the occasion of buying a bottle or tasting a dram of this one you should not hesitate.

It’s limited in release and still available in our shop but we can’t guarantee you that it will have a long lifetime on our shelves ;-) .


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