Terms and conditions

Terms & Conditions

General terms & conditions Rumology.be, Bilzen, 06 November 2018

First of all we would like to thank you for visiting our website and/or our shop. Rumology.be and www.rumology.be is property of Guy Plompen with registered office; Hasseltsestraat 30, 3740 – Bilzen and VAT number : BE0 859.298.848.

Rumology.be offers online and in a shop a range of alcoholic beverages and consumables.

May we suggest to read our general terms and conditions that regulate the use of our website, creating an account and regulate the sales of our products. On our website you’ll find the last and only valid version of the general terms & conditions.

1. Using our website

1.1 Rumology.be offers a platform that allows it’s visitors to purchase products, the general terms and conditions are applicable to al parts of this website. By visiting our website you agree to have taken knowledge of out general terms and conditions and you agree to accept the content as binding.

1.2 Rumology.be maintains the right to block the access to this website to each person who doesn’t comply to the general terms and conditions without previous notice. In order to make a purchase and use our payment methods through our website you need to create an account.

1.3 You need to be older than 18 years. Rumology.be maintains the right to ask more information when there would be any doubt concerning the age of its costumers in order to exclude that you’re a minor. If seems that in fact you are a minor we will annulate the purchase without further notice and you’re account will be blocked. It is forbidden to make use of other people’s identity, proxy’s and temporary email addresses.

1.4 When making a purchases you need to accept our general terms and conditions. Therefore we insist that you read our terms and conditions before making a purchase, you have to fill in the checkbox when placing an order to accept the fact that you’ve taking knowledge of our general terms & conditions.

1.5 Rumology.be maintains the right to accept or decline your purchase. Your purchase can, but not exclusively, be declined for the following reasons;
- The provided data or identification is not correct or not complete;
- You try to sign up using multiple names
- You are using a different identity than your own identity;
- You don’t or don’t entirely fulfill the general terms and conditions;
- Each other reason that gives us ground to judge that you purchase can not be accepted.

1.6 When you purchases is finished, we send a confirmation mail with all, for you, relevant information concerning your order. U can, through our website, do a follow up of your order by logging in on your account.

1.7 We spend a lot of time and attention to the content on our website, this content is subdue to changes at all times, removal of content and modifications of content without explicit and implicit guarantees that the content may or may not be correct. Rumology.be can not be held responsible for damages when using the content on our website regardless if this content may or may not be correct, nor for damages provoked by use of this content.

1.8 It is not allowed, not in any way, to copy, use, edit, operate or sell parts or parts of the whole that exists on this website unless you have obtained a written agreement with authorization of Rumology.be. It concerns data that falls under the intellectual ownership of Rumology.be!

2. Sales conditions

2.1 Our terms and conditions are aplicable to each offer that can be found on our website www.rumology.be and every other agreement between rumology.be and you as a customer.

2.2 Before speaking of an agreement you must, when placing an order, accept our general terms and conditions. These are clearly and in an understandable way at your disposal. If by any reason these general terms and conditions are not being shown to you, please send us an e-mail so we can provide you with a copy.

2.3 If there are, besides our general terms and conditions, additional terms and conditions of application than is all the above also applicable on these additional terms and conditions. If those additional terms and conditions are in violations of our general terms and conditions we assure you that we will always benefit you as consumer the most advantageous terms and conditions.

2.4 When there are offers with a limited validity period or subdue to special terms and conditions, this will be explicitly mentioned in our offer, preferable at the information of the product itself.

2.5 Products for sale are as complete and clear as possible described in order to allow you to make a good judgement. When we use images or pictures we try to display a truthful image of the offered product. Though those displayed images can deviate from reality due to contrasts that are used in photographing, settings of displays, etc, …. Rumology.be can not be held responsible for differences between displayed images and reality. If this means that u as a consumers wish to withdraw you purchase you can do so by using the right to withdrawal.

2.6 All prices that are displayed on our website include V.A.T., taxes, services and other imposts following the Belgian legislation. Shipping costs are not included in de product prices and will be invoiced at the end of your order.

2.7 During the period of promotion of an article, the price will not change with exception in changes of VAT prices.

2.8 Unless agreed otherwise and by written, all payments must be done through our website. If done otherwise and the payment doesn’t arrive to us or not complete we may charge an additional fee. From the thirstiest day counting from the invoice date we charge a fee of 10.00 € per month and an additional fee of 10% per year on the amount due. The products remain property of Rumology.be until the amount is due in full, in addition to this we may decide to take back these products at any time and on your expense without further notice. It is not allowed to resell, give away, use as collateral or empty our products as long as the invoice is not due in full.

2.9 When you notice that there are inaccuracies in the payment data or you notice something suspect during payment, please cancel your purchases immediately and send us an e-mail reporting your observations.

2.10 Rumology.be guarantees that the goods you’ll receive are conform your order and meet all the normal expectations, taking in account the specifications of the product. When you order a product we guarantee that this products meets up to all, at that time, applicable laws. When you determine that there are products that don’t meet up to your expectations or are damaged, please notice this within 24 hours after receiving delivery by mail.

2.11 Shipment can only take place after receiving a payment in full. Shipment will be done at the address provided by you. For so far as reasonably possible within a term of 30 days after receiving the invoiced amount in full and on condition that the data provided by you is correct and complete. If by any reason one or more products are no longer available within this term of 30 days we will contact you and refund the amount that was invoiced for this/these product(s).
Shipment is always on the responsibility of Rumology.be, unless agreed otherwise. When you send back products, this is at your responsibility.

2.12 In case of force majeure we are not obliged to four fill our duties. In this case we will strike our duties for the time of the force majeure or remit our duties definitively. You as a consumer have the same right.

2.13 Rumology.be stands for 100% satisfaction. If by any means you have an issue, you disagree or you want to formulate a complaint, you can contact us so we can try to figure out an arrangement that suits us both.

Complaints, Disagreements or Issues can be send in written, registered;

At the attention off Mr. Guy Plompen
Hasseltsestraat 30
3740 – Bilzen (Belgium)

If in your opinion you think that we cannot dissolve the nature of your complaint between ourselves and u wish to proceed through a legal way we inform you that only the court of the legal district of Tongeren is competent to receive your complaint. Only the Belgian Law is applicable