When gin is aged on oak

Gin, we all know it as the spirit that we use in combination with a ton of different tonics or as an ingredient in some of our cocktails but the real magic happens when you start aging it in Oak barrels.
This second edition of Clockwork gin, created by Jurgen Vromans, also known as The Whisky Mercenary, has been aged for about six months on European Oak barrels which makes it perfect for sipping neat. Aging gin is a process that doesn’t guarentee that the final product will be good do whenever you try to make an aged product you must have a premium gin to start of and you have to have a lot of know how about the different types of wood and the products that where in the cask before you start pouring your gin into it.

Jurgen has done this, as we already tought, by near perfection with this version of his clockwork gin. A strong London Dry went in a a cask of European Oak for a period of 6 months and came out as a nice smooth softer gin with beautyfull influences of the used wood.

You can enjoy this gin neat, on the rocks or in combination with a very soft tonic to experiance it’s complexity !


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